"Was sie unterließ, haben wir getan."

Performance and Intervention in public space by Zsuzsi Flohr, Benjy Fox-Rosen, Eduard Freudmann, Eva Reinold, Luisa Ziaja (2015)

The project dealt with commemoration culture in public space in Vienna. It linked the elements of ritual, discourse and intervention in a performative setting. It consisted of a panel discussion, a choir, an actress and an crew of workers who illegally erected a monument dedicated to those who had illegally erected a monument on that spot in 1951. The performance took place on June 13, 2015, at Morzinplatz in Vienna wihtin the Framework of Into the City/Wiener Festwochen curated by Anton Lederer, Birgit Lurz, Margarethe Makovec and Wolfgang Schlag.
Here is the announcement of the event in German and English.

political intervention
and open letter

A few weeks before the scheduled event the Austrian Socialdemocrat Party intervened at the festival directorate in order to prevent the panel discussion. We published an open letter to the City Secretary for Culture that led to some public debates and media reactions. Eventually we were able to carry out the panel discussion as planned.


Mistress of ceremonies: Eva Reinold
Musical arrangement: Benjy Fox-Rosen
Choir: Gegenstimmen
Choir director: Stefan Foidl
Panel discussion curated and moderated by Luisa Ziaja.
Participants: Ruth Beckermann (filmmaker), Marty Huber (activist), Harald Walser (politician), Florian Wenninger (historian).
Workforce: Sheri Avraham, Julia Edthofer, Zsuzsi Flohr, Eduard Freudmann, Niki Kubaczek, Tomash Schoiswohl.
Concrete cast by Mischa Guttmann.
Supporting structure by Ulrich Dertschei.

media reactions