Seder 1942

Graphic Novel (2012)

This work was created for the special issue “Rituals” of the art magazine A5, published in August 2012. It is based on a series of letters that my great-grandparents wrote to my grandfather in 1942/43. They were trapped in Nazi-Vienna while he was in exile in Brussels. The graphic novel consists of stills from a video I recorded in 2009 after having read those letters for the first time. It reflects on Jewish resistance, the Diaspora and Zionism and relates Passover stories from the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the Survivors’ Haggadah and my very personal rituals of Passover’s Seder Evening. Seder 1942 resembles the first publication of a series of works that I developed based on my family archive, The White Elephant Archive. The archive was created by my grandmother in 1979 and I have been working with it since 2004.