Perception of War

Film by Eduard Freudmann and Ramon Grendene (2003)

The short-movie is based on six parts that relate to each other. The central theme is the perception of war – from different points of view. The work started as an attempt at overcoming our own speechlessness about the Iraq War. The topic of war holds an unmanageable multitude of questions, and, in the truest sense of the word, is incomprehensible. That is why we are not trying to give solutions but offer approaches to be understood as a fragmented process of an endless ensemble. The movie uses different genres/disciplines: animation, montage, agitprop, found footage, documentary, digital montage.
Perception of War – An Approximation in Six Fragments
Eduard Freudmann and Ramon Grendene
A/CH/D 2003
24 min.
English with German subtitles


In their six sequences the two German students Eduard Freudmann and Ramon Grendene show interpretations of the fascination with current American militarism. They work with the comprehensive fusion of documentary and animation techniques (the film was screened in the section Animadoc). Between hits and misses, 24 of the freshest minutes of the festival.
– Amir Labaki, director of the International Documentary Film Festival Rio de Janeiro, about the 46th International Festival for Documentary and Animation Leipzig
Is war a topic which fits into an experimental cinematic frame? The filmmakers Eduard Freudmann and Ramon Grendene dared to step in a minefield, trying unusual approaches to military thinking on the search for the nature of violence. Six multidisciplinary short films developed as a starting points for a fragmented approach to a consecutive process.
– Wolfgang Kissel, Professor for Media Studies, Bauhaus-University Weimar
This year’s prize winners are Eduard Freudmann and Ramon Grendene. Their film, ‘Perception of War – An Approximation in Six Fragments’, exposes the paradoxes of contemporary wars as well as their fluctuating truths.
– The award jury of backup_Festival 2003


  • 33. International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • 46. Leipziger Dokumentarfilmfestival
  • 20. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest
  • 39. Solothurner Filmtage
  • European Film Festival Ankara/Bursa/Izmir
  • transmediale.04
  • Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival
  • Festival de Vidéo et Film Beirut
  • 11th European Film Festival Beirut
  • Select Media Festival 3 Chicago
  • 20. Internat. Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg
  • 14. Internationales Bochumer Videofestival  
  • 8. Lichtspieltage Winterthur
  • Signes de Nuit Paris
  • sehsüchte, Potsdam
  • Media Nox
  • backup_festival Weimar
  • next5minutes Amsterdam
  • Int. Filmfestival Hannover